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Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Snap Rollers Review

Conair Snap Rollers

Sorry for the terribly long wait! I’ve been so busy between running year-end errands and helping my boyfriend move. I finally got a chance to fully try out these Conair Snap Rollers and can confidently give you my final thoughts on this product. Overall, these rollers did curl my hair, but the result did not make me feel like the price I paid for it was worth it.

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Sneak Peek: Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Snap Rollers

Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Snap Rollers

I literally JUST got back from picking up this set of rollers. The box contains 12 rollers in 2 sizes – medium and small. According to the instructional video I watched online, you roll a 1-inch strand of hair around each roller, and instead of the usual clip that you would insert, you just snap the roller shut. Easy peasy! A few online reviews said that there weren’t enough rollers to do all their hair at once, but I don’t have an excess amount of hair so I think I should be fine. I will try this product out and get back to you guys soon!

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