Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Tote and Thea Cross-Body Wallet

Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Tote in Deep Berry (currently unavailable in this color)
Thea Cross-Body Wallet in Cabernet

I picked up this gorgeous Robinson Pebbled Tote up during Neiman Marcus’s November sale. This bag has quickly become my new go-to bag. I use it for everything! . During a recent trip to the mall, I also picked up this beautiful Thea Cross-Body Wallet from the Tory Burch store. At $275, this cross-body bag is a steal. There are already multiple card slots built in to the bag as well as a ton of pockets for organized storage. These two Tory Burch bags are currently a staple in my everyday outfit.

At first when I was purchasing the tote online, I couldn’t decide between the black or this deep berry color. Of course, black is very safe and suitable for any occasion. This beautiful purple-maroon color caught my eye though and I ended up choosing this one. This color seems to be very “in” this season and is perfect for fall and winter. It is also “work appropriate” as the color isn’t too jarring. I was also torn between the saffiano leather and the pebbled leather versions of the bag – I was afraid the pebbled leather would get scratched easily or show more wear-and-tear. After heavy use, I can say that this is not the case at all. The pebbled leather is durable, easy to keep clean, and looks very classy.

On the left: The zipper
On the right: A hidden key ring attached to the bag


The clips open by pushing the horizontal piece down.


My laptop (even while in its sleeve) fits into the bag comfortably.
And isn’t the little Tory Burch logo on the dust bag just adorable?


As you can see in the photos, the hardware on this bag is simply beautiful. The zippers and clips are sturdy and have actually stood up to a lot of use. I have literally been using this bag every single day since I unboxed it! My 13.3 inch laptop fits perfectly in the bag with room to spare. I even slipped my laptop into its slipcover (which adds another inch) and it STILL fits in the bag without stretching it out. This is fantastic because I have been looking for a work tote that can fit my laptop. It’s a complete bonus that this bag is great for every day use as well.

In addition to the main compartment, there are two zippered compartments on either side. These can accommodate quite a few items each. As an organization nut, these compartments are perfect for me since I like to group items with similar functions together – beauty products in one compartment and stationary in another. The bag is comfortable both as a tote or as a shoulder bag. The strap is durable and doesn’t dig into your shoulder. This bag is DEFINITELY a compliment magnet. Whenever I use it in public or at social gatherings, I always get multiple compliments on how gorgeous the bag is – especially the color!

Of course, after falling completely in love with this Deep Berry color, I just happen to end up walking into a Tory Burch store with my friend and stumble upon a cross-body wallet/clutch in a similar color.

Thea Cross-Body Wallet in Cabernet


The wallet size in comparison to the Robinson Tote.
Card slots inside the main compartment of the wallet.


Inside the cross-body with the front compartment unzipped.

This cross-body “wallet” is extremely spacious for its size. I purchased this bag in anticipation of upgrading to a new phone (hopefully the Nexus 6!) which is large and unable to fit in the other phone wallets I own. I love that there are built-in card slots for your credit cards so you don’t need to try to fit a card case in the bag. There are card slots in the main compartment as well as the zippered section. This is reminiscent of my beloved Prada Saffiano Leather Flap Wallet Bag. This bag is a great size for running errands as well as a night out on town. In comparison to the Robinson Tote, the color of the Thea Wallet is slightly lighter and more red. The inside of the wallet is a beautiful muted gold color.

After using both bags for a bit, I find that if I have an after-work event planned where I can’t get back to my house to change bags, I can slip the Thea Wallet into my Robinson Tote in the morning. I put all the cards and items I might need for the nighttime event into the Thea Wallet. Anything extra that I like toting around with me during the day goes into the Robinson Tote. Once I’m out of work, I can just grab the Thea Wallet out of my tote, leave the tote in my car, and head out for dinner or drinks. How awesome is that?

These purchases are probably two of the best ones I’ve made in the bag department. Not only are these bags both high quality and functional, they aren’t as overwhelmingly expensive as some of the other brands out there. I definitely recommend these as a gift for someone you REALLY love… or for yourself! Christmas is right around the corner and you do need to treat yo self now and then. ;)

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