Foreo Luna Review – How does it compare to the Luna Mini?

Foreo Luna

After trying out and absolutely loving the Foreo Luna Mini, I planned to snatch up the full size version of the device during Sephora’s VIB sale. I got the Luna for 20% off. Unfortunately, that sale is now over, but you can pick it up here. Ulta always has 20% off coupons available so you should be able to apply it to the purchase.

Overall, the full size device offers the same cleaning power as the miniature one. On top of that, there’s an anti-aging portion (the portion on the right in the image) that you can also use. Instead of having the thicker touch-points on the back of the device and the thinner (gentler) ones on the front, the touch-points area all grouped onto one face of the Luna.

I know I was confused about how to use the device when I first received it since the directions included were just pictures with ambiguous arrows. This is how I use my Luna device when I wash my face.

First, you want to remove all your makeup and apply your cleansing product (I like to lather it up a bit). Then, you are ready to turn your Luna on. Press the center button and start cleaning at your chin, moving the Luna in upward strokes along each cheek. At this point, the device should buzz.

Then, I like to use the device around my nose area. I make sure to get into the grooves around the nose with the tip of the Luna and then slide the device up the sides of my nose bridge. After the next buzz, I work on the forehead, starting at the center and moving outwards towards both sides.

After the final buzz, it’s suggested to press the – button to decrease the intensity of the device. That way, when you use it in the under-eye area, you’re not tugging too much at the delicate skin. I move the device in a gentle outward motion from the center area of my face towards the outside, just underneath my eyes. The Luna will then buzz 3 times in quick succession. You press the center button once and the base will remain lit up, indicating that the Luna is now in Stand By mode.

At this point, you can finish rinsing and drying your face as well as drying the excess water off the Luna device. If you are in the shower… then the Luna might turn off on you since it only remains in standby mode for 3 minutes. I’m not really sure how to keep it in that mode any longer.

Ok! Now that everything is dry, it’s time to start the anti-aging portion of the Luna experience. I like to apply my toner, essence, and serum before I start using the Luna. Press the center button when you’re ready. You want to gently move the back part of the device (it has slightly raised lines) to five locations on your face where wrinkles commonly occur. The manual recommends spending about 12 seconds in each of these locations – the forehead (between the eyebrows), by the right and left temples (where crow’s feet tend to occur), and by the right and left mouth/nose area (where laugh lines tend to occur).

Instead of following those directions, I just use the device to gently go over my entire face for a minute. I find that it helps the absorption of my skincare products (both the ones that I applied before and the ones I apply after). After the final buzzing, you press the center of the device to turn it off.

One handy function is that you can hold the + and – signs down together to “lock” your Luna and make sure that it doesn’t turn on during travel. The light indicator should flash to signify that you were successful.

Now the real question… Would I recommend having both the Luna Mini and the regular Luna?

While I don’t regret my purchase, I find that having both products is not necessary. Honestly, I would have been happy with just the Luna Mini. Although the Luna does offer the anti-aging side, I find that I could do without that option. I actually enjoyed the fact that the thick and thin touchpoints were on separate sides of the Luna Mini. The size of the mini is a lot more appealing as well. It is more portable and that makes me want to use it more. If you only want to pick up one of the two products, choose the Luna Mini.

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