Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Snap Rollers Review

Conair Snap Rollers

Sorry for the terribly long wait! I’ve been so busy between running year-end errands and helping my boyfriend move. I finally got a chance to fully try out these Conair Snap Rollers and can confidently give you my final thoughts on this product. Overall, these rollers did curl my hair, but the result did not make me feel like the price I paid for it was worth it.

When I watched the instructional video online, it seemed like the rollers were made of sturdy material throughout. To my surprise, only the pink wheel-like area of the item is made of a rigid plastic material. The rest of the roller is a flexible silicone. This silicone portion is what gets heated up by the device.

The silicone portion of the rollers.


The rollers “snapped” shut.


Once you plug the device in, it takes about 5 or so minutes for it to heat up completely. The light indicator is supposed to turn from red to white. This change in color is actually a LOT less noticeable than you think it would be, so be sure to watch closely. There is no red light that turns white… just a heat sensor-sort of indicator that changes colors from red to a milky-red color.

I’m no pro at using hot rollers, so it took a couple of trials (and way more errors) to figure out how much hair is OK to roll into each roller. Do NOT try to roll more than 1 inch of hair into each roller. Any thicker and the strand of hair won’t be heated evenly and all the way through. The first few times I tried the rollers, my curls fell out within an hour. The last few times, I rolled 1 inch of hair into each roller and the curls lasted for a tad bit longer. Since I don’t have exceptionally thick hair, one set of rollers was enough for my entire head. However, many reviewers online stated that one set of rollers was not enough and they would have to take the rollers out, reheat them, and do the leftover portion of hair. For those of you with thicker hair looking for a time-saving option for styling your hair, this may not be the best product since you have to spend a considerable amount of time reheating rollers.

The rollers in the hair


To get soft, wavy curls, you want to start halfway up the strand of hair and start rolling the bottom portion of the hair around the roller. Then, you roll the rest of the roller up towards the scalp. To “snap” the roller shut, you push the silicone portion in until it feels secure. There is no satisfying “snap” – how disappointing. I found that sometimes, if I didn’t push the silicone portion in hard enough, the whole curler would just fall down.

To get tighter curls that start further up, the instructional video shows a method where you can place the roller at the scalp and roll hair onto it from there. You can watch the video here.

Before and after.


A few more views of the curls.


I really wanted to love this product. I’m always looking for ways to make styling my hair easier. I feel like this product falls short of my expectations. Although the curls that result from this product are beautiful, I feel that the rollers don’t get hot enough to create long-lasting curls. Keep in mind though, I didn’t use any sprays in my hair. If you do, the curls will probably last longer than they did for me.

For the price I paid, I expected a higher quality product. I will stick to my NuMe Lustrum set for now. A review for the NuMe set will be coming up sometime in the future. It’s incredible! This Conair product is going back to the store.

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  • Susan Livingston

    Yes I was not happy, I have very thin hair and they just fall right out.. Very disappointing. I don’t care for the curls it made for your pics.

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